VCT Strip/Wax

VCT strip
Does your vinyl tile look like this?

vct strip & wax

If you need vct stripping & waxing I can make your floor shine like this. I start by stripping off all the old wax, scrubbing the edges and cleaning the baseboards. Sometimes it takes stripping the floor twice but it’s the only way to get down to the bare tile and prep the tile for waxing. I then apply four coats of a high solids wax to give it gloss and durability. High solids wax refers to the percentage of wax left on the floor after the wax dries. More wax remaining means higher durability and increased slip resistance. If you need specialty coatings such as ESD wax I can provide that as well.

Prices start at $0.50 per square feet with a $150 minimum.  Please call to schedule an appointment for a walkthru to get a quote.  I will need to see your floor before I can give you a price as each floor is very different.