Carpet Cleaning

the carpet cleaning process

I will clean your carpets using a process called encapsulation.  This process has the been the best way to clean commercial carpets for some time now and it’s the latest and best way to clean residential carpets. The main benefits are fast drying times, due to its low water usage and cleaner carpets due to the agitation used to break up dirt and spills.  I firmly believe that if you aren’t scrubbing, you aren’t cleaning.

It all starts with a 5 step process:

Pre Vacuum: For best results the carpet should be vacuumed before cleaning.  As a cost saving measure, you can vacuum your carpets before I arrive or we can schedule me to vacuum when I show up.  The cost to pre vacuum is $20 per room.

Pre Treatment: I pre treat the traffic lanes and spills with a stronger version of my commercial soap.  If requested, I also treat the urine spots at this time.

Scrubbing: I begin cleaning by scrubbing the carpet to work the soap into the fibers and break up the dirt.  The carpet will start to look much better and more uniform at this time.

Extraction:  I repeat the scrubbing process with absorbent cotton pads which extract the dirt, soap and water.  This step and the previous step are repeated until the carpet is clean, damp and smelling fresh.

Post Vacuuming: This process will vibrate the carpets and bring pet hair and debris to surface so vacuuming after cleaning is a must.  The vacuum also grooms the carpet and leaves the fibers standing upright so they will dry faster.

I use this carpet cleaning process because I know it produces the best results.  My prices start at $80 for 2 rooms.  Each additional room is $30, so 3 rooms are $110, 4 rooms are $140 and so on.  Each room is 200 square feet or less and stairs count as a room.

pet urine treatment

If you have urine odors from your dogs or cats, I can take care of that for you.  I use a powerful oxygen based cleaner that neutralizes the urine.  This cleaner leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean again.  The price for this service is $20 per room.

rug cleaning

I can clean synthetic fiber rugs at your home when I clean your carpets.  The prices are $10 for a small 15 square foot rug, $20 for a medium sized rug and a room sized rug over 50 square feet would be $30.

cleaning gallery

residential carpet cleaning

This apartment was very dirty.  This picture was taken after the first two scrubbing passes to show how much of a difference scrubbing a carpet can make.  If you aren’t scrubbing, then you aren’t cleaning.

residential carpet cleaning

This real estate customer had some very dirty tenants.  This cleaning took several scrubbing passes.

residential carpet cleaning

This home had very light carpets that were well maintained.  It took a couple of scrubbing passes to clean this traffic lane.

residential carpet cleaning

This customer had another carpet cleaner clean the carpets with a steam cleaner one week prior.  The new tenant complained that the carpets were dirty again after only one week.  I scrubbed the carpets, taking out the leftover dirt and there hasn’t been any other complaints.

commercial carpet cleaning

This commercial customer moved out leaving water stains and warehouse dirt from around the chair mats.  It took several scrubbing passes to clean this carpet.


commercial carpet cleaning

This lobby and hallway of commercial office building had some very pronounced traffic lanes.  I took a picture while cleaning the lobby to show the difference I was making in the main traffic lane.  This carpet cleaned up very nicely.