Carpet Cleaning

the carpet cleaning process

I clean carpets using a process called encapsulation.  The 2 main benefits are fast drying times, due to its low water usage and cleaner carpets due to the agitation used to break up dirt and spills.  I firmly believe that if you aren’t scrubbing, you aren’t cleaning.

I start the process by spraying a pre-spray cleaner on the traffic lanes and spots. My cleaner is oxygen based and starts to work immediately breaking down any organic soils. If needed, I apply a pet odor neutralizer at this time. Then I start to scrub the carpet with an orbital buffer spraying a commercial encapsulation soap as I go.  This soap is pH neutral so as not to react to any leftover cleaners present in the carpet.  I scrub the carpet with 2 different types of cleaning pads.  The first is a microfiber pad that breaks up the dirt and works the soap into the fibers. The second is a cotton pad that is very absorbent and absorbs the excess water and all the soap and dirt.  These pads get very dirty and wet and are changed out often throughout the process.  During this time I treat any spill that hasn’t come clean with the appropriate spotter.  I finish by vacuuming.  The agitation from the buffer brings out all the ground-in pet hair and debris and leaves it on the surface of the fibers so a final vacuuming is a must.  At this point the carpet is clean, smells fresh and is lightly damp.

I use this carpet cleaning process because I know it produces the best results.  I don’t use steam cleaning any more because I have found that it leaves the carpet too wet which can leave soap residue behind that can attract dirt and as the fibers dry, they wick up the stains from the backing of the carpet.

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